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NO2 Vaporizer VS Vapir Oxygen Mini

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer VS Vapir Oxygen Mini

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When the Vapir Oxygen Mini first came out, there wasn’t much competition in the portable vaporizer market. The Oxygen is one of the most popular portable vaporizers, if not the most popular.

With increased demand for innovative best vaporizer, there is more competition these day with many new portable vaporizers available. If Vapir wishes to remain competitive, they need to innovate and innovate they did. While there is no doubt that the new NO2 Vaporizer is similar to the Vapir Oxygen Mini, there are several new innovative features that are very worthy of consideration.

What’s new with the NO2 Vaporizer? What are the differences and similarities between the NO2 and the Oxygen? Since the Oxygen is less expensive, should you buy it instead of the NO2? Does the NO2 make the Oxygen pointless?

Let’s get started and compare the NO2 Vaporizer to the Oxygen Mini Vaporizer.

New Features in the NO Vaporizer
New internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery life indicator
Ability to recharge the unit while using it
Larger chamber – 15%
Patented stainless steel encased pure brass heating element
Temperature memory feature – Remembers the last temperature used
Small design changes (i.e. angle of the mouth piece, ventilation, buttons, etc.)
Vaporizer Similarities
The design is similar. Vapir’s product line has followed a similar mold over the years, as far back as their Classic Air Portable. I am assuming they have confidence in their design and the shape of their vaporizers
Many of the steps are similar, like loading the herb and mouthpiece use
Verdict – Which Vaporizer?
One important consideration is price. As I type out this blog post, the NO2 is $179.99 and the Oxygen is $124.99. Are the new features worth the money if you like to buy vape? Yes. An internal battery is far better than an external battery. This change alone is enough for me to fully recommend the NO2 over the Oxygen. Add in new features like: Battery life indicator and temperature memory and the choice is clear. But whatever this two vapes are in top of best dry herb vaporizer 2017.…

Arizer Extreme Q vape Review

Arizer Extreme Q vape Review

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HEAT UP TIME: 6.2/10

Plug the Extreme Q in, turn the power on, set the desired temp and wait. And wait. The device took over three minutes to heat up. This is due to the ceramic heating element, which is a tremendously dense thermal mass that takes time to achieve a completely stable temperature. As with all denser thermal mass, the cool down can take equally long. Up time is important when you analyze to buy vape online.

Heat Up Time (MFR): 3:00 minutes

Heat Up Time (SFW): 3:49 minutes

Temperature can be controlled via the digital LCD display at the base of the front of the unit, or via the remote control. The temperature scale was highly responsive between set & actual temp, but, we found that the convective air temp did not equal the displayed actual temp – it was significantly cooler. In order to compensate, we had to goose up the temp. After letting the device settle, heat up, settle and heat up, we found that the readings on the display were just not accurate. At 350 degrees Fahrenheit, we could not produce any real vapor; at 390 degrees Fahrenheit, our weed burnt.

The glass on glass bowl-heating output stem is a nice touch, and alleviates the uncertainties with cheap plastic. However, the temp transfer or thermal conductivity takes a long time, and can be irregular over shorter duration usage. It is best to let the device heat up completely for maximum thermal efficiency and transfer.

As a forced air vaporizer, the Extreme Q’s multifunctionality allows users to features fill balloons and/or use a whip for direct inhalation. To use a balloon with the forced air system, attach the Extreme’s shortened whip to the black rubber end on the top of the cyclone bowl. When the Extreme’s actual temperature equals the set temp, place the cyclone bowl and mini whip together on top of the unit. Then, attach the balloon to the mini whip and turn the fan on. Balloon inflation takes about one minute. Vapor density is supposedly controlled by the fan speed — lower speeds are said to produce thicker vapor. We found little difference in the vapor density across fan speeds. Likely, due to the mediocre fan used in the forced air system.

For whip only style direct inhalation, first wait for the actual temp to reach the set temp. Then, attach the long whip to the cyclone bowl and place the two together on top of the tower. Begin taking long, slow, steady draws to pull convection over the herbal content. Or, use the fan for a forced air assisted delivery. NOTE: we suggest that prior to using the whip for direct inhalation, turn up the temp, and run the forced air through it for up to 15 mins to reduce that GOD-AWFUL NEW WHIP TASTE.

The cyclone bowl or, the Extreme Q’s herb receptacle is a tapered, double-sided glass bowl (think of a bar jigger made of glass). The cyclone herb receptacle bowl is open ended with a screen in the middle, with a black rubber/silicon wrap around the upper portion (where you place the herb). For best results, fill the cyclone bowl at least halfway.

SFW Etiquette Gurl: Is the cyclone bowl half-full, or half-empty? Or, more importantly, where’s the fresh weed? Philosophy & perspective come from many sources…

Kudos to Arizer for offering a lifetime warranty on their ceramic heating element. Additional parts and accessories like the LCD, fan, and other electronic components carry a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

EASE OF USE: 5.0/10…


Welcome to uggusa portable vaporizers

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UggUsa was created to help support the vaping community. The concept is simple, members helping one another by passing on information beneficial to fellow vapers.

UggUsa will not promote nor endorse a specific product or vendor; and has no intention to sign-up as an vaporizer affiliate; or accept advertisements from anyone. No banners, no pop-ups and no preferential treatment for best vapor experience.

We are committed to serving fellow UggUsa members. We will provide links to portable vaporizer affiliates who are UggUsa members, links to vaporizer vendors and clubs, and whenever available, inform members of vendor discounts or special promotions.

Any special promotions, offers or discounts by vendors will be provided as a service to our members and not as an endorsement of the company or its products. Members are free to choose where to shop from myvaporstore.

Members, however, will be permitted to provide their feedback on a product or company based on their experience. This information can be found on the club.

Our club is self-policing. Members establish rules based on consensus. UggUsa, however, reserves the right to impose certain restrictions such as but not limited to, promoting anything other than vaporizers and vaporizer accessories. We are trying to explain and to transmit what is the feeling of vaporizing different brand of vape that is on market.…

Cool Mist Humidifiers vaporizer

Cool Mist Vaporizer

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A person with a cough and a cold gets more discomfort and gets worse when the air they breath lacks moisture and humidity. While the home remedy of breathing in stem from boiling will help, it just might do more harm than good because it can lead to some burning. Having a cool mist vaporizer will be most beneficial to you. Generally, a vaporizer like this one is a machine that has a water container inside and a spout that lets out the vapor once the water container starts spinning. Unlike steam vaporizers, a cool mist vaporizer does not heat the water before letting it out as steam, making them safer to use, especially around children as you do not have to worry about having the machine very hot to the touch.

A mist humidifier can be fixed inside a room to give the area much needed moisture to give comfort to any person suffering from colds, coughs, and any nasal congestion. Turning it on a few minutes before going to sleep will also assure anyone of a sound sleep. A best portable vaporizer for dry herb will also benefit a married couple if one partner usually snores because of nasal congestion. You can see a big list of vaporizers to vaporbeast, well they have wholesale vapes.

Because there is no need for a machine that will have to heat up the water before becoming steam, a warm mist vaporizer is a more affordable. They are also less complicated to operate: all you need to do is put some water in and set the water container to spin. Without the added machines inside, these vaporizers are also less bulky, making it easier for you to put it in the smallest corner of the room and move it around in different rooms depending on who needs them.

As much as they are useful, cool mist vaporizers might possibly harbor mold and bacteria because lukewarm waters are perfect breeding grounds for these molds and bacteria. If you have a cool mist vaporizer at home, it is advisable to clean them every day after every use to make sure they are safe to use again. For more safety precautions, using distilled water instead of the normal tap water might be best, especially for small children.

You can search and review customer comments of many vaporizer. There are many different types to choose from. There are several great manufacturers out there such as Vicks, Crane, Sunbeam, and Graco. Check the vape store for others vapes for sale. The Cool Mist Humidifiers can be use as a vaporizer.…