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NO2 Vaporizer VS Vapir Oxygen Mini

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer VS Vapir Oxygen Mini

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When the Vapir Oxygen Mini first came out, there wasn’t much competition in the portable vaporizer market. The Oxygen is one of the most popular portable vaporizers, if not the most popular.

With increased demand for innovative best vaporizer, there is more competition these day with many new portable vaporizers available. If Vapir wishes to remain competitive, they need to innovate and innovate they did. While there is no doubt that the new NO2 Vaporizer is similar to the Vapir Oxygen Mini, there are several new innovative features that are very worthy of consideration.

What’s new with the NO2 Vaporizer? What are the differences and similarities between the NO2 and the Oxygen? Since the Oxygen is less expensive, should you buy it instead of the NO2? Does the NO2 make the Oxygen pointless?

Let’s get started and compare the NO2 Vaporizer to the Oxygen Mini Vaporizer.

New Features in the NO Vaporizer
New internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery life indicator
Ability to recharge the unit while using it
Larger chamber – 15%
Patented stainless steel encased pure brass heating element
Temperature memory feature – Remembers the last temperature used
Small design changes (i.e. angle of the mouth piece, ventilation, buttons, etc.)
Vaporizer Similarities
The design is similar. Vapir’s product line has followed a similar mold over the years, as far back as their Classic Air Portable. I am assuming they have confidence in their design and the shape of their vaporizers
Many of the steps are similar, like loading the herb and mouthpiece use
Verdict – Which Vaporizer?
One important consideration is price. As I type out this blog post, the NO2 is $179.99 and the Oxygen is $124.99. Are the new features worth the money if you like to buy vape? Yes. An internal battery is far better than an external battery. This change alone is enough for me to fully recommend the NO2 over the Oxygen. Add in new features like: Battery life indicator and temperature memory and the choice is clear. But whatever this two vapes are in top of best dry herb vaporizer 2017.…