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Welcome to uggusa portable vaporizers

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UggUsa was created to help support the vaping community. The concept is simple, members helping one another by passing on information beneficial to fellow vapers.

UggUsa will not promote nor endorse a specific product or vendor; and has no intention to sign-up as an vaporizer affiliate; or accept advertisements from anyone. No banners, no pop-ups and no preferential treatment for best vapor experience.

We are committed to serving fellow UggUsa members. We will provide links to portable vaporizer affiliates who are UggUsa members, links to vaporizer vendors and clubs, and whenever available, inform members of vendor discounts or special promotions.

Any special promotions, offers or discounts by vendors will be provided as a service to our members and not as an endorsement of the company or its products. Members are free to choose where to shop fromĀ myvaporstore.

Members, however, will be permitted to provide their feedback on a product or company based on their experience. This information can be found on the club.

Our club is self-policing. Members establish rules based on consensus. UggUsa, however, reserves the right to impose certain restrictions such as but not limited to, promoting anything other than vaporizers and vaporizer accessories. We are trying to explain and to transmit what is the feeling of vaporizing different brand of vape that is on market.…